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Since Augeust 2012 we have been back in the UK.

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I am initiating a fulltime training in performing arts with Chekhov acting technique, Speech formation and Music/singing together with fabulous colleagues Sarah Kane and Geoff Norris. Check out our facebook page now.
The CD Gregers Brinch vol.1 is now available on the Claudio Label. The CD features Rohan de Saran on cello and William Hancox on piano in the Cellosonata numbers 1 & 2 in addition to the Bergersen Quartet in String Quartet no.2

In addition the Lieder aus Leid {13 songs for Soprano, Baritone and piano} were premiered in Hannover by Soprano Jardena Flueckiger, Baritone Jonathan de la Paz Zaens and pianist Stephane Aube on the 11th May 2012 at a three-day event commemorating the bookburnings in German university towns in 1933.



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